Roulette may be a game of chances. But to most experienced roulette players, there are actually strategies to gain an edge in playing roulette. These experienced roulette players are not at all selfish about the things they know about this casino game. In fact, some of them have written books about roulette to educate other players about the strategies and methods that can be applied to gain an advantage over other players. Let us learn more about some of the roulette books we can find in bookstores.

“Gamble to Win Roulette,” by R. D. Ellison is a roulette book containing two hundred sixty pages. Ellison has an efficient way of explaining several methods that can actually make readers earn more money by playing roulette. Some methods that the author discusses in the book are never heard of before, just like the Ground Coffee or the Sesame Street Method. Some roulette players who have read this roulette book say that Ellison also never fails to offer pieces of advice in this book. “Gamble to Win Roulette” contains ideas that will make roulette players improve their game. Aside from the fact that this book is easy to understand, Ellison also effectively uses humor to entertain his readers. It is good because the book does not bore its readers. Applying everything written in this book will not only make roulette players win once, but it will actually make them win over and over again. This book is very much recommended to all levels of roulette players.

Another roulette book that we recommend is titled “Roulette: Playing to Win,” by Brett Morton. It can be said that Morton has enough experience in playing roulette that his book is credible enough to be bought by both novice and experienced players. He has played, watched, and listened about poker all over the world, allowing him to gather more than enough information that he unselfishly shares with his readers. It contains two hundred seventy informative pages that are guaranteed to enhance the skills of roulette players. Morton has a unique way of explaining to his readers the secrets of reading the dealer. Aside from being available in bookstores, “Roulette: Playing to Win” can also be ordered online.

Christopher Pawlicki is the author of the roulette book “Get the Edge at Roulette: How to Predict Where the Ball Will Land.” In this two-hundred-twenty-nine-page book, Pawlicki has successfully applied his knowledge in such subjects as computer science, mathematics and physics to effectively come up with a book about the game of roulette. He teaches readers how to perform wheel tracking techniques that can give them the opportunity to win a roulette game. The mere fact that Pawlicki explains things with a scientific approach makes this roulette book a credible one. It is recommended to all kinds of roulette players, including recreational players, occasional system players, and aspiring professional roulette players. Other interesting topics touched by this book are bias tracking, sector slicing, determining the dealers’ signature, and other betting techniques.

Once readers have finished reading any of these books, we guarantee them that their skills will improve as long as they correctly apply the techniques described in all these roulette books.